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YouTube Introduces Generative AI Tools for Creators

Novak Ivanovich

Sep 21, 2023

YouTube Introduces Generative AI Tools for Creators

YouTube unveiled a new set of tools for creators, including several that utilize generative artificial intelligence, as part of its ongoing initiative to support the platform's creator community.

At an event hosted in Google's New York office, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan highlighted the potential of AI in simplifying complex creative tasks. Mohan emphasized, "Generative AI has the potential to redefine creative expression, making intricate processes straightforward. These advanced tools should be accessible to all, not just a limited group."

Explaining the functionality, Mohan demonstrated that users could input descriptions, like a panda drinking coffee, and the platform would generate a corresponding video. In another on-stage demonstration, YouTube executive Matthew Simari showcased the capability of the technology by generating videos of a dragon flying over New York City and a dog operating a vehicle.

The platform will also introduce tools that provide AI-generated video topic suggestions. These tools aim to leverage generative AI to inspire video concepts and generate preliminary content frameworks, tailored to individual channels based on audience preferences and viewing habits on YouTube.

Additionally, YouTube plans to implement AI-driven tools that recommend music for video creation. Another significant addition is the integration of the AI-powered dubbing tool, Aloud, which allows creators to automatically translate their videos into multiple languages, potentially broadening the audience base for their content.

In line with its effort to simplify the content creation process, YouTube will launch a new mobile application named "YouTube Create." This free application will offer users a comprehensive set of production tools, suitable for crafting both short and longer videos.

Addressing the broader implications of the growing creator economy, Mohan commented on the misconception that establishing oneself as a YouTuber requires extensive analytical knowledge and sophisticated production equipment. He stressed YouTube's commitment to democratizing content creation, emphasizing the belief that AI can play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

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