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Snapchat Introduces "Dreams" Feature, Leveraging Generative AI for Selfie Remixes

Howard Lee

Aug 29, 2023

Snapchat Introduces "Dreams" Feature, Leveraging Generative AI for Selfie Remixes

Snapchat has unveiled its novel "Dreams" feature, currently in beta testing, which employs generative AI to remix users' selfies. The functionality allows users to capture a selfie and subsequently select from a range of themes like "time travel" or "alternate universes." The generative AI then generates a series of eight images based on the chosen theme and the user's selfie.

This marks another stride by Snapchat to deploy generative AI to create innovative avenues for user expression. Prior instances include features like Bitmoji Deluxe, empowering users to craft more authentic and animated Bitmoji avatars.

Snapchat's embrace of generative AI aligns with a broader industry trend. Other major players, including Google and Facebook, are also investing in generative AI, exploring its potential across multiple applications such as image and video creation, text generation, and language translation.

Nonetheless, the integration of generative AI into Snapchat raises valid concerns, like the potential for creating fake or misleading content. Addressing these concerns, Snapchat has affirmed its commitment to mitigate risks by enlisting human reviewers to verify the accuracy of AI-generated images.

In essence, the "Dreams" feature spotlights a creative utilization of generative AI. While its reception remains to be seen, it underscores Snapchat's ongoing dedication to employing technology for fostering novel modes of user expression.

Similar instances in the tech realm include:

  • Instagram's Trial of AI-Generated Realistic Avatars

  • Google AI's Tool Crafting Realistic Imagery of Non-Existent Individuals

  • Facebook's AI Tool Fabricating Text Indistinguishable from Human-Written Content

  • Pinterest's AI Tool Enhancing Product Discovery for Users

  • Microsoft's AI Tool Enhancing Language Translation Precision

These stories underscore the increasing prevalence of generative AI in the tech domain. The versatility of this technology brings forth a spectrum of potential applications, alongside the need to remain cognizant of associated risks while recognizing the benefits it can offer.

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