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OpenAI's New Pact with AP: Fueling ChatGPT with Trusted News

Novak Ivanovich

Aug 22, 2023

OpenAI's New Pact with AP: Fueling ChatGPT with Trusted News

OpenAI and The Associated Press (AP) have joined forces in an innovative agreement that will license AP's treasure trove of news archives to OpenAI's generative language model, ChatGPT. This strategic alliance ushers in a new era, as ChatGPT gains access to AP's vast collection of news articles, augmenting its ability to generate text that is not only more precise but also packed with informative insights.

For both OpenAI and AP, this partnership marks a pivotal moment. OpenAI gains a rich dataset, a valuable asset that promises to elevate the precision and overall performance of ChatGPT. AP, on the other hand, secures a fresh avenue to disseminate its news content to a broader audience.

The response to this development has been multifaceted. While many are intrigued by ChatGPT's potential to craft more accurate and enlightening text, some voices express apprehensions about the model being exploited to propagate misinformation.

The true repercussions of this agreement remain uncertain. The trajectory it takes hinges upon the manner in which ChatGPT is wielded. If utilized responsibly, it could potentially cultivate a positive impact on information dissemination. Conversely, if misused, it might sow the seeds of misinformation, fostering a negative societal impact.

The path forward will be determined by the conscientious use of ChatGPT. If channeled judiciously, it could serve as a catalyst for disseminating accurate information. Yet, if mishandled, it could inadvertently amplify the spread of untruths.

In a parallel vein, similar collaborations have taken root:

  • In 2022, Google inked a partnership with the French news agency AFP, licensing AFP's news archive to its generative language model LaMDA.

  • In 2023, Microsoft unveiled its collaboration with Reuters, licensing Reuters' news archive to its generative language model Turing NLG.

  • In 2023, Meta embarked on a partnership with the BBC, licensing the BBC's news archive to its generative language model Blender.

These collaborations underscore the burgeoning interest in leveraging generative language models for textual generation. As these models scale in potency, it's likely that more synergies between news organizations and developers of generative language models will surface.

It is imperative to acknowledge that these partnerships also stoke concerns about the potential for generative language models to disseminate misinformation. News organizations and generative language model developers must collaborate with vigilance to ensure that these models are deployed ethically.

All in all, the OpenAI and AP alliance resonates as a significant juncture in the trajectory of generative language models. While the long-term impact on information diffusion remains fluid, it underscores the growing traction in deploying these models for textual generation.

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