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Intel Unveils Articul8: A New Venture to Propel Generative AI in Business

Novak Ivanovich

Jan 4, 2024

Intel Corporation, the renowned semiconductor leader, announced the formation of Articul8 AI, a new independent company focused on generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI). The venture, born from a collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), aims to offer a full-stack, vertically-optimized, and secure Gen AI software platform, tailored for enterprises across various industries.

Articul8 AI, humorously abbreviated from “Articulate AI,” is Intel's latest strategic move in the AI-powered enterprise software market. This initiative is backed by DigitalBridge, a significant asset manager and investor based in Boca Raton, Florida. The concept originated from a proof-of-concept collaboration with BCG in early May last year. Intel, utilizing its hardware along with a mix of open source and internally developed software, created a generative AI system capable of interpreting text and images, specifically designed to meet BCG's data center security requirements​​.

Initially, BCG was the sole supplier and customer of this system. However, Intel has since scaled the platform, now optimized for Intel hardware but also supporting alternatives, to cater to industries requiring high security and specialized domain knowledge, such as financial services, aerospace, and telecommunications. The Articul8 platform is designed for swift deployment, scalability, security, and cost-effective sustainability. It offers AI capabilities that maintain customer data and processes within secure enterprise boundaries, with flexible deployment options including cloud, on-premises, or hybrid models​​.

Arun Subramaniyan, previously a VP and GM at Intel's data center and AI group, has been appointed as CEO of Articul8. The team primarily comprises former Intel employees, with Intel retaining an undisclosed stake in the company. Alongside DigitalBridge, Articul8's investors include Fin Capital, Mindset Ventures, Communitas Capital, GiantLeap Capital, GS Futures, and Zain Group. Intel and Articul8 are poised to maintain strategic alignment, with Intel planning to use Articul8's Gen AI software internally and offer it to end customers through a joint market approach​​.

This spin-off aligns with Intel's broader strategy under CEO Pat Gelsinger's leadership to invigorate its business operations. It aims to raise capital for constructing new chip factories in the U.S. and Europe and introducing advanced chip manufacturing processes over the next four years. Articul8 complements this plan by delivering innovative software products and services, including GenAI-powered solutions, thereby elevating Intel's competitiveness against rivals like Nvidia and AMD​​.

Articul8 AI's entry into the enterprise sector is a significant step for Intel, showcasing its commitment to integrating advanced AI into business applications. The platform's focus on security, speed, and scalability positions it as a promising solution for industries handling sensitive data and requiring robust AI capabilities. This move by Intel indicates a growing trend among technology giants to diversify and specialize in AI-driven solutions, reflecting the increasing demand for sophisticated AI tools in the business world.

A statement from an Intel spokesperson emphasized the unique strengths of Articul8: “Our Gen AI software product is built from the ground up to meet the nuanced demands of enterprises. It’s optimized for swift deployment, scalability, security, and sustainability, including cost-effectiveness. The Articul8 platform is designed to deliver AI capabilities while keeping customer data and processes securely within the enterprise perimeter.”

Arun Subramaniyan, the CEO of Articul8, mentioned, “This venture is not just about technology. It’s about enabling businesses to harness the power of AI while ensuring data integrity and security. We are excited to bring this next-generation AI solution to the market.”

While Intel's strategic direction with Articul8 is clear, some industry analysts express caution. The AI software market is highly competitive, with established players like Nvidia and AMD already having a strong foothold. The success of Articul8 may hinge on its ability to offer distinct advantages over existing solutions, particularly in terms of integration with Intel's hardware and the unique AI capabilities it promises.

Intel’s decision to spin out Articul8 aligns with its recent pattern of seeking external capital for its business units. This approach was evident in the spin-off of its car chip firm Mobileye and the sale of its memory chip division. These steps are part of Gelsinger's comprehensive plan to rejuvenate Intel's market position, with a focus on establishing new manufacturing capabilities and advancing chip technology​​.

The launch of Articul8 marks a pivotal moment in Intel's journey towards becoming a more diversified technology leader. By leveraging its extensive experience in hardware and software, Intel is poised to make a significant impact on the enterprise AI market. The success of Articul8 will be a critical factor in Intel's broader strategy to revitalize its business and enhance its competitiveness in the evolving technology landscape.

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