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European Lawmakers Contemplate Framework for Regulating Generative AI

Novak Ivanovich

Aug 28, 2023

European Lawmakers Contemplate Framework for Regulating Generative AI

Current deliberations among European lawmakers revolve around the potential implementation of regulations governing generative artificial intelligence (AI), a technology capable of generating text, images, and other forms of content. The primary objective of these regulations is to address apprehensions surrounding the possible misuse of generative AI, particularly in the creation of fabricated news and deepfakes.

The proposed regulations introduce a classification system to categorize generative AI systems based on their level of risk. Systems that present a considerable risk to individuals' rights, such as those enabling the creation of deepfakes, would be subject to more stringent regulations. This entails companies seeking licensure prior to deploying these systems, along with conducting comprehensive risk assessments to mitigate potential hazards.

For systems posing lower risk, like those engaged in creative content generation, the proposed regulations would impose less rigorous requirements. These obligations encompass disclosing the functioning of their systems and adopting preventive measures against content misuse.

While these regulations are in their preliminary stages of development, the exact timeline for their finalization remains unclear. However, the contemplation of these regulations signals a heightened awareness of the potential threats associated with generative AI.

Outlined below are specific components of the proposed regulations:

  • High-risk systems: Mandatory licensure for companies deploying high-risk systems.

  • Risk assessment: Compulsory risk assessment to mitigate potential hazards associated with high-risk systems.

  • Disclosure: Companies mandated to divulge operational details of their systems and implement safeguards against content misuse.

  • Transparency: Transparent communication on the integration of generative AI in products and services.

  • Accountability: Companies held accountable for any misapplication of generative AI.

The proposed regulations aim to strike a balance between the advantages and risks of generative AI. While stringent regulations on high-risk systems seek to protect individual rights and prevent potential misuse, the framework also encourages innovation within the generative AI sector. This is achieved by allowing companies to develop and deploy low-risk systems with minimal bureaucratic hurdles.

As the proposed regulations remain in the nascent stages of development, the timeline for their finalization remains uncertain. However, the ongoing deliberations by European lawmakers underscore the rising apprehension about the potential risks associated with generative AI. Monitoring the evolution of these regulations and ensuring their equilibrium and effectiveness will be crucial moving forward.

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