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Amazon Introduces Generative AI to Assist Sellers in Creating Product Descriptions

Howard Lee

Sep 14, 2023

Amazon Introduces Generative AI to Assist Sellers in Creating Product Descriptions

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a growing field that has applications ranging from creating spreadsheets and image captions to writing essays and presentations. Amazon has recently implemented new generative AI technologies to facilitate a more streamlined process for sellers to create and manage their product listings. The updated features aim to help sellers craft more detailed and engaging product descriptions, titles, and other listing details, making it quicker for new products to go live on the platform. This in turn could offer customers more information to aid in their purchasing decisions.

Creating in-depth product titles, bullet points, and descriptions has been a labor-intensive process for sellers in the past. Amazon's new generative AI features aim to simplify this task by minimizing the number of steps needed to input specific product data. Utilizing large language models, these features can generate comprehensive product descriptions from a brief initial description provided by the seller. The seller then has the option to edit the generated content or submit it directly to Amazon's catalog. The new system is designed to help sellers create higher-quality listings with less effort, and provide customers with more consistent and detailed product information.

Amazon has historically leveraged machine learning and deep learning techniques to extract and enrich product details automatically. Robert Tekiela, Vice President of Amazon Selection and Catalog Systems, stated that the new generative AI models enable the company to "infer, improve, and enrich product knowledge at an unprecedented scale, with significant improvements in quality, performance, and efficiency." The models are capable of inferring specific product information from diverse data sources and latent knowledge, enhancing the richness and accuracy of product listings.

In a trial phase conducted over the past few months, a majority of sellers who tested the new AI capabilities chose to use the content generated by the AI model for their listings. The introduction of generative AI to assist in listing creation is part of Amazon's broader strategy to improve the selling experience on its platform.

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